CyberECG System

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CyberECG is fueled by technological progress and the recognition that existing ECGs were far from "perfect". The name is new in the medical equipment’s market, but its implementation is the first real GSM GPRS(CDMA)-Internet based,simple and light ECG system in the world. When you are at home, sleeping, sporting, cooking or doing any activities, the device is able to monitor your heart. The stored data are displayable any time, any place in the world by the aim of Internet technology. It helps surgeons' work to make right decision, helps cardiologists analyzing the abnormal signals. This
assures comprehensive feasibility. The CyberECG displaying software provides very accurate measure by flexible internet browser windows. The device, which pick-up the body signals is very light, comfortable and simple. In that occurrence when you
connect to the Internet and transfer the packets, it happens at home,
sleep, sporting, travel, surgery, hospital, cardiologyst expert, elderly's home, etc. Anybody – who has appropriate rights – is able to display the signals by clicking at your ECG file, simply using a common Internet browser. The CyberECG device is manageable via Internet by authorized person (ie.: cardiologist) also.
The enclosed multimedia CD-ROM show you what does the presentated system means in detail.

Main Features:

  • high-precision signal measuring of
    the heart`s electrical activity
  • portable, pocket-size device
  • wireless mobile GSM-GPRS(CDMA)
    data communication
  • digital signal conditioning,
  • direct Internet connection
    without PC
  • data transmission via inter-
    or intra-net route
  • real-time ECG analysis
  • platform independent
    additive applications
  • cardiological knowledge base
  • competitive price