CyberECG use in Hospital-Cardiology Department

The telemedicine function is similar to the out-patient department, but the main features are the great accessibility and velocity of patient-doctor interaction in various acute illnesses. This department collects the ECG data (stand- by ECGs, long-term ECGs) from the other departments of the hospital and organizes the tele-consultations in 24 hours daily.
This department organize the use of ECG telemetry systems from the beginning, in-hospital phase to the out-patient one. Cardiac telemetry systems are used on patients in postoperative or other recovery units to increase their freedom of movement. These systems provide freedom of movement without distortion. There are three primary phases of cardiac care where cardiac telemetry is used:

  • Phase-1.: patients are monitored in the hospital immediately after being released from an intensive care or cardiac care unit;
  • Phase-2.: patients begin the transition and recovery process, where they begin an exercise program;
  • Phase-3.: patients go back home and come back at regular intervals to the cardiac rehabilitation clinic or health club to monitor their heart while exercising.