ECG Knowledge Base

This information database is the basis of the Cyber ECG system's development. It contains the collection of our experts', developers' recenty published articles, the set of rules required for analysing the ECG features, and the database of ECG records we collected.
The Knowledge Base contains a lot of information about a special area of cardiology which is called ECG-related- cardiology. The keystone, or the origo was a part of the Braunwald edited Heart Disease (5th edition,1996). The ECG-related information was collected from it (named Monography), and the most important articles (the specially selected parts of the articles) published after the closure of the Heart Disease edition were linked to it. These data-collection (named Literature) is a never-ending process, and in every 3 months the new data will incorporate the system.
The hypertext structure makes it possible to move between the 3 functional submodules (the Monography, the Literature, and the Subject Index). The user-friendly solution of hypertext structure is similar to other Windows Help programs. The changing cursor indicates the hypertext-active text where you can move to another area. The name of the 3 submodules at the top of the pages shows the shortest way (hot areas) of crossing another module.
The organized list of the digital ECG recordings (ECG Recordings Database) helps to identify the various ECG abnormalities using independently or serving as an illustration of the Monography.